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19:49 Ticket #372 (Sending +CMGW leads to a traceback) created by PaulFertser


19:04 Ticket #291 (framework could not handle sms from taiwanese SIM) closed by daniel
fixed: Okay, fixed in [0d1ce53f338ef1592701324118abdfe167b19bfe]. If userdata …
15:51 Ticket #355 (Zhone only checks for the 'provider' key in the NetworkStatus message) closed by mickey
fixed: Fixed in [975a2177e0db0f0100b3ca6471aed2a0c04a4d01] by querying our …
15:27 Ticket #371 (Incoming call never stops) created by daniel
I just encountered something weird. Went away for a bit and after I came …
07:52 Ticket #370 (Display resource configuration) created by vegyraupe
quote "i think we should make configurable whether the DisplayResource?
01:12 Ticket #350 (gps - deferred shutdown) closed by mickey
invalid: I'm not sure whether we really want that. We should not introduce multiple …
00:45 Ticket #255 (Can't register with GSM network) closed by mickey
invalid: Ah I see. Yes, lets close it then. Feel free to reopen, if it happens …


13:27 Ticket #369 (RetrieveMessage on any SMS fails with local variable "result" referenced ...) closed by daniel
13:27 Ticket #369 (RetrieveMessage on any SMS fails with local variable "result" referenced ...) reopened by daniel
This actually was a valid bug, which commit d7dca1626ae6 should close. The …


23:20 Ticket #369 (RetrieveMessage on any SMS fails with local variable "result" referenced ...) closed by johnsu01
invalid: Waiting longer after setting the antennae power seems to have solved this …
21:09 Ticket #369 (RetrieveMessage on any SMS fails with local variable "result" referenced ...) created by johnsu01
This is with firmware moko11-beta1, andy-tracking 2.6.29 kernel, on a …
20:17 Ticket #179 (gprs doesn't handle disconnect/reconnect) closed by mickey
fixed: Looks pretty good nowadays. Feel free to reopen w/ logs if you still have …
02:30 Ticket #365 (alarm.py: ".Device." missing in the name of RealTimeClock interface) closed by mickey
fixed: in [3a787374dbee1dbeb86d61f97c442cb62e063fd3], thanks a lot!
02:25 Ticket #367 (GSM no longer works) closed by mickey
invalid: Please update Qi, it's a bug in combination of moko11 and the new kernel.
02:24 Ticket #316 (ogsmd WARNING Out-of-spec GSM number type seen: 160) closed by mickey
invalid: moko11 works wonders. Closing as INVALID, since it turned out it's not our …


20:56 Changeset [441543b] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.100.110.12acicommitdbus-glibfor-0.12gdbusgnutoo/fixes-for-slyon-branchesgnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwardergnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwarder+automatic_buffers_sizegnutoo/n900-better-forwardergsmvoice_alsa_cmtspeechdata+buffer_threadsmorphis/connmanmorphis/delegate-reworkmorphis/device-statusmorphis/hfpmorphis/multi-devicemorphis/samsung-tuna-supportmorphis/sms-reworkslyon/gta04-check-revisionslyon/gta04-hwroutingslyon/gta04-hwrouting-autodetectbuild: check for dbus as well, but seperately
19:58 Changeset [c3114ce] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.100.110.12acicommitdbus-glibfor-0.12gdbusgnutoo/fixes-for-slyon-branchesgnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwardergnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwarder+automatic_buffers_sizegnutoo/n900-better-forwardergsmvoice_alsa_cmtspeechdata+buffer_threadsmorphis/connmanmorphis/delegate-reworkmorphis/device-statusmorphis/hfpmorphis/multi-devicemorphis/samsung-tuna-supportmorphis/sms-reworkslyon/gta04-check-revisionslyon/gta04-hwroutingslyon/gta04-hwrouting-autodetectfirst sketch at plugin class


08:25 Ticket #368 ([Paroli] Battery charging light on the power button delayed) created by wendy_hung
Tested with the image: Rootfs: fso-paroli-image-om-gta02.jffs2 …
02:42 Changeset [e6c7563] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
02:05 Changeset [457a19f] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.100.110.12acicommitdbus-glibfor-0.12gdbusgnutoo/fixes-for-slyon-branchesgnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwardergnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwarder+automatic_buffers_sizegnutoo/n900-better-forwardergsmvoice_alsa_cmtspeechdata+buffer_threadsmorphis/connmanmorphis/delegate-reworkmorphis/device-statusmorphis/hfpmorphis/multi-devicemorphis/samsung-tuna-supportmorphis/sms-reworkslyon/gta04-check-revisionslyon/gta04-hwroutingslyon/gta04-hwrouting-autodetectlibfsoframework: typo in Makefile.am
02:05 Changeset [ad26a12] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.100.110.12acicommitdbus-glibfor-0.12gdbusgnutoo/fixes-for-slyon-branchesgnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwardergnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwarder+automatic_buffers_sizegnutoo/n900-better-forwardergsmvoice_alsa_cmtspeechdata+buffer_threadsmorphis/connmanmorphis/delegate-reworkmorphis/device-statusmorphis/hfpmorphis/multi-devicemorphis/samsung-tuna-supportmorphis/sms-reworkslyon/gta04-check-revisionslyon/gta04-hwroutingslyon/gta04-hwrouting-autodetectfsodeviced: build skeleton
01:56 Changeset [41ddce9] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.100.110.12acicommitdbus-glibfor-0.12gdbusgnutoo/fixes-for-slyon-branchesgnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwardergnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwarder+automatic_buffers_sizegnutoo/n900-better-forwardergsmvoice_alsa_cmtspeechdata+buffer_threadsmorphis/connmanmorphis/delegate-reworkmorphis/device-statusmorphis/hfpmorphis/multi-devicemorphis/samsung-tuna-supportmorphis/sms-reworkslyon/gta04-check-revisionslyon/gta04-hwroutingslyon/gta04-hwrouting-autodetectadjust .pc file
01:08 Changeset [f2083523] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.100.110.12acicommitdbus-glibfor-0.12gdbusgnutoo/fixes-for-slyon-branchesgnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwardergnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwarder+automatic_buffers_sizegnutoo/n900-better-forwardergsmvoice_alsa_cmtspeechdata+buffer_threadsmorphis/connmanmorphis/delegate-reworkmorphis/device-statusmorphis/hfpmorphis/multi-devicemorphis/samsung-tuna-supportmorphis/sms-reworkslyon/gta04-check-revisionslyon/gta04-hwroutingslyon/gta04-hwrouting-autodetectmaster logger factory done


22:18 Changeset [a917a54] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.100.110.12acicommitdbus-glibfor-0.12gdbusgnutoo/fixes-for-slyon-branchesgnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwardergnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwarder+automatic_buffers_sizegnutoo/n900-better-forwardergsmvoice_alsa_cmtspeechdata+buffer_threadsmorphis/connmanmorphis/delegate-reworkmorphis/device-statusmorphis/hfpmorphis/multi-devicemorphis/samsung-tuna-supportmorphis/sms-reworkslyon/gta04-check-revisionslyon/gta04-hwroutingslyon/gta04-hwrouting-autodetectlogger: syslog logger complete; filelog logger knows about stderr
19:01 Changeset [e5a95eb] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.100.110.12acicommitdbus-glibfor-0.12gdbusgnutoo/fixes-for-slyon-branchesgnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwardergnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwarder+automatic_buffers_sizegnutoo/n900-better-forwardergsmvoice_alsa_cmtspeechdata+buffer_threadsmorphis/connmanmorphis/delegate-reworkmorphis/device-statusmorphis/hfpmorphis/multi-devicemorphis/samsung-tuna-supportmorphis/sms-reworkslyon/gta04-check-revisionslyon/gta04-hwroutingslyon/gta04-hwrouting-autodetectformatted log output ok
16:44 Changeset [a2131fc] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.100.110.12acicommitdbus-glibfor-0.12gdbusgnutoo/fixes-for-slyon-branchesgnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwardergnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwarder+automatic_buffers_sizegnutoo/n900-better-forwardergsmvoice_alsa_cmtspeechdata+buffer_threadsmorphis/connmanmorphis/delegate-reworkmorphis/device-statusmorphis/hfpmorphis/multi-devicemorphis/samsung-tuna-supportmorphis/sms-reworkslyon/gta04-check-revisionslyon/gta04-hwroutingslyon/gta04-hwrouting-autodetectstart with logging class
16:13 Ticket #353 (Incoming message is considered stored unsent) closed by daniel
fixed: I removed the timer in zhone in commit …
04:27 Changeset [edb406c] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.100.110.12acicommitdbus-glibfor-0.12gdbusgnutoo/fixes-for-slyon-branchesgnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwardergnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwarder+automatic_buffers_sizegnutoo/n900-better-forwardergsmvoice_alsa_cmtspeechdata+buffer_threadsmorphis/connmanmorphis/delegate-reworkmorphis/device-statusmorphis/hfpmorphis/multi-devicemorphis/samsung-tuna-supportmorphis/sms-reworkslyon/gta04-check-revisionslyon/gta04-hwroutingslyon/gta04-hwrouting-autodetectcreate MasterKeyFile?
02:28 Ticket #261 (Investigate why loading ephemeris sometimes hurts TTF) closed by daniel
fixed: This definitely helps here. I collected ephemeris of ~7-8 SVs and now …
01:45 Changeset [d51f828] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.100.110.12acicommitdbus-glibfor-0.12gdbusgnutoo/fixes-for-slyon-branchesgnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwardergnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwarder+automatic_buffers_sizegnutoo/n900-better-forwardergsmvoice_alsa_cmtspeechdata+buffer_threadsmorphis/connmanmorphis/delegate-reworkmorphis/device-statusmorphis/hfpmorphis/multi-devicemorphis/samsung-tuna-supportmorphis/sms-reworkslyon/gta04-check-revisionslyon/gta04-hwroutingslyon/gta04-hwrouting-autodetecttesting infrastructure
00:18 Ticket #265 (gps resets to NMEA mode on milestone 4.1) closed by jluebbe
fixed: I've fixed a bug with uploading the initial position, this fixed the gps …


21:32 Ticket #367 (GSM no longer works) created by airzimmy
Since upgrading from testing to milestone5.1, the gsm no longer works. I …
21:29 Changeset [2d2b250f] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.100.110.12acicommitdbus-glibfor-0.12gdbusgnutoo/fixes-for-slyon-branchesgnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwardergnutoo/gta04-fsoaudiod-forwarder+automatic_buffers_sizegnutoo/n900-better-forwardergsmvoice_alsa_cmtspeechdata+buffer_threadsmorphis/connmanmorphis/delegate-reworkmorphis/device-statusmorphis/hfpmorphis/multi-devicemorphis/samsung-tuna-supportmorphis/sms-reworkslyon/gta04-check-revisionslyon/gta04-hwroutingslyon/gta04-hwrouting-autodetectcommit skeleton


23:12 Ticket #366 (missing python-pygtk) created by tebra
python-pygtk is not pre-installed in milestone 5.1 image. There is no more …
23:10 Ticket #365 (alarm.py: ".Device." missing in the name of RealTimeClock interface) created by lupan
RealTimeClock? interface should be org.freesmartphone.Device.RealTimeClock?


07:48 Ticket #358 (problem with not using simbuffer) closed by charlie
fixed: It seems to work now. Thanks for the fix !


20:12 Ticket #364 (defunct process) created by michael
when i add an rule in rules.yaml like this - trigger: IdleState?() …
16:53 Ticket #345 (RetrieveMessagebook fails for binary alphabet messages containing null ...) closed by daniel
fixed: I've successfully sent and received binary SMS now so I will close this.
16:46 Ticket #359 (Error when using SetSimBuffersSms(False)) closed by daniel
duplicate: Duplicate of #358 which should be fixed in commit …


22:46 Ticket #363 (StartAutoRegister fails silently if called too early) created by lindi
Steps to reproduce: 1) frameworkd -s ogsmd --daemonize 2) Run the …
18:26 Ticket #361 (ogsmd mixes unsolicited and solicited responses) closed by mickey


03:10 Ticket #362 (SMS caused unicode exception) created by orzo
The RetreiveMessagebook?() call failed to work for me because my last two …


03:43 Ticket #361 (ogsmd mixes unsolicited and solicited responses) created by mickey
ogsmd output: […] abyss output: […] Abyss output clearly shows …


14:57 Ticket #360 ([oeventsd] Trigger for ResourceStateChanged) created by spaetz
I want to disable suspend when I use GPS. Mickey told me to use rules for …
09:03 Ticket #359 (Error when using SetSimBuffersSms(False)) created by charlie
To reproduce the error, I use cli-framework : […] Then I send a SMS …
01:19 Ticket #329 (Network.ListProviders timeouts) closed by mickey
fixed: fixed in [c9e5d80540d505fe64d2acae7bbd0645625446f2]


16:57 Ticket #358 (problem with not using simbuffer) created by vegyraupe
Hi, we are trying to switch to not buffering sms when receiving them …
01:02 Ticket #343 (Bug in state transitions) closed by mickey
fixed: Should be fixed in [5355d64b43c0b677bbabb07d394b0f4161f5c1b4].
01:01 Ticket #336 (SetResourcePolicy "Display" does not change anything with regard to ...) closed by mickey
duplicate: Right now it's the way I have designed it. Whether this should stay or …


21:35 Changeset in FSO GLib Bindings (Vala-based C) [fb6a3f9] by Didier 'Ptitjes <ptitjes@…>
master0.11dbus-glibgdbusmorphis/pendingmorphis/specs-integratedold-masterRegenerated according to inner interfaces renaming option of …
16:55 WikiStart edited by mickey


20:52 Ticket #357 (Second incoming call makes the first disconnect) created by airzimmy
When calling and receiving a second incoming call, the first call is lost.
18:23 Changeset in Dbus API specifications [c6056b6] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.11morphis/device-statusmorphis/pendingmorphis/sms-reworkotapi: fix status argument type in …
16:21 Changeset in FSO GLib Bindings (Vala-based C) [602458f] by Didier 'Ptitjes <ptitjes@…>
master0.11dbus-glibgdbusmorphis/pendingmorphis/specs-integratedold-masterRegenerated fso-dbus-interfaces. Signed-off-by: Didier 'Ptitjes …
15:56 Changeset in FSO GLib Bindings (Vala-based C) [9a9eb51] by Didier 'Ptitjes <ptitjes@…>
master0.11dbus-glibgdbusmorphis/pendingmorphis/specs-integratedold-masterFixed libfso-glib.pc and publish .gir file. Signed-off-by: Didier 'Ptitjes …
13:47 Changeset in Dbus API specifications [202c1b0] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.11morphis/device-statusmorphis/pendingmorphis/sms-reworkotapi: add org.freesmartphone.GSM.SIM.[Get]ReadyStatus?.


23:45 Ticket #347 (Desktop application don't start - tichy-launcher problem) closed by stefan
fixed: Pushed a newer paroli version into the feed. The autobuilder should pick …
23:27 Changeset in Dbus API specifications [2315599] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.11morphis/device-statusmorphis/pendingmorphis/sms-reworkodeviced: fix type of org.freesmartphone.Device.PowerSupply?.Capacity() …
23:19 Ticket #59 (Dialer display not changing state) closed by Nytowl
22:21 Ticket #351 (Wrong audio state during/after phone call) closed by stefan
duplicate: Duplicate of #208 and will get tracked via #5
22:19 Ticket #349 (Windows crashes when I connect the FR) closed by stefan
fixed: This was reported fixed for the MS5 kernel as Paul already stated. …
22:05 Ticket #218 (Port [c1c9e312a1ec0d7748a58668e6184ae979070752] fix to PDUAddress handling) closed by daniel
fixed: This is fixed now in [af530a040b84a62c2d37cb47fa1fde6b66ef9c91].
22:02 Ticket #342 (SetResourcePolicy weirdness) closed by jluebbe
duplicate: I think this has nothing to WiFi? and is just a duplicate of #336. If you …
21:54 Ticket #333 (Backlight times out regardless of activity, after pressing the touchscreen ...) closed by mickey
upstream: That's a bug in illume's handling; you should leave backlight handling to …
21:37 Ticket #314 (AT Parser is confused by unsolicited messages) closed by mickey
fixed: Should be fixed with the AlwaysUnsolicitedParser?.
21:12 Ticket #303 (bluez-utils-alsa tries to restart /etc/init/bluetooth (not possible)) closed by mickey
upstream: Can you please mention this in the OE bugtracker?
20:56 Ticket #167 (make ubx.py widely usable) closed by daniel
wontfix: Most of these are cosmetic and I don't really agree with the fixes. One …
20:38 Ticket #233 (Wifi & Suspend = Not properly receiving calls anymore.) closed by mickey
fixed: Assuming it's not.
20:29 Ticket #208 (Headset deaktivated after call) closed by stefan
duplicate: Indeed, incremental changes are the best way out of this hell. We have bug …
20:17 Ticket #173 (ServiceUnknown errors in zhone.log) closed by mickey
20:08 Ticket #157 (SMS statuses are not updated) closed by jluebbe
fixed: I'm confident that incoming messages are displayed correctly.
20:04 Ticket #121 (kernel misses APM battery support) closed by mickey
wontfix: Typical usecase for these kind of scripts is power management handling. We …
19:40 Ticket #42 (gsm071muxd blocks when the modem is not powered) closed by mickey
wontfix: will be fixed in fso-abyss.
19:34 Ticket #356 (Display is turned on and off when suspending) created by Zem
When kernel 2.6.28 is going into suspend and the Display is powered off, …
15:01 Ticket #164 (fso-testing sane-srcrevs or preferred-versions not correct) closed by stefan
fixed: Fixed in OE.dev and the fso/milestone5 branch
10:17 Ticket #328 (zhone segfaults) closed by stefan
fixed: Thanks for letting us know.


23:49 Ticket #12 (Fix power control in gsm0710muxd) closed by mickey
wontfix: Closing as WONTFIX due to fso-abyss which handles this correctly.
23:47 Ticket #317 (Get{Serving|Neighbour}CellInformation) closed by mickey
wontfix: We now know that it is not a problem in the framework nor the muxer. …
23:45 Ticket #327 (Device/PowerControl/UsbHost isn't working) closed by mickey
fixed: fixed in [c1d1e412db8724a00f65f0ceb1be18f4cf5ac96e]
15:57 Changeset in Dbus API specifications [9386136] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.11morphis/device-statusmorphis/pendingmorphis/sms-reworkotapi: document modem-specific behaviour for …
15:53 Changeset in Dbus API specifications [f48bbdd] by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey@…>
master0.11morphis/device-statusmorphis/pendingmorphis/sms-reworkotapi: document org.freesmartphone.GSM.SIM.GetProviderList?()
13:37 Changeset in FSO GLib Bindings (Vala-based C) [515b3d9] by Didier 'Ptitjes <ptitjes@…>
master0.11dbus-glibgdbusmorphis/pendingmorphis/specs-integratedold-masterAdded GLib.Object to generated interfaces. Signed-off-by: Didier 'Ptitjes …
00:18 Ticket #354 (gprs org.freesmartphone.GSM.PDP.ActivateContext connection failed) closed by mickey
fixed: fixed in 3d13fc09cb03efb878c3ef64308db87f3fce49ab


12:12 Ticket #355 (Zhone only checks for the 'provider' key in the NetworkStatus message) created by jluebbe
Sometimes the phone is registered to the home network, but no provider …


22:02 Ticket #354 (gprs org.freesmartphone.GSM.PDP.ActivateContext connection failed) reopened by max_posedon
But SHR (and should be FSO, contains bug with framework. […] Patch …
21:57 Ticket #354 (gprs org.freesmartphone.GSM.PDP.ActivateContext connection failed) closed by max_posedon
invalid: Oh... Sorry, looks it wasn't software problem, because from 20th try I …
21:33 Ticket #354 (gprs org.freesmartphone.GSM.PDP.ActivateContext connection failed) created by max_posedon
pppd don't start properly, when I connect via gprs # connecting to gprs …


10:11 Ticket #353 (Incoming message is considered stored unsent) created by PaulFertser
I received an incoming SMS just in time for Zhone to check for stored …


15:03 Ticket #352 ("org.freesmartphone.Usage.SetResourcePolicy CPU disabled" affects ...) created by dagger
When I enable only PolicyDisplay? screen does not go blank. Exactly as …


23:04 Ticket #351 (Wrong audio state during/after phone call) created by abanbytes
Receiving a call: 1. Plug in headset 2. Call the Freerunner, accept the …
21:37 Ticket #350 (gps - deferred shutdown) created by vanous
When process requests GPS device via frameworkd, after release it is …
18:48 Ticket #349 (Windows crashes when I connect the FR) created by Yorick
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