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fsogsmd became non-operation after resuming, DEBUG is not enough to determine exact set of conditions

Reported by: PaulFertser Owned by: mickey
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Component: cornucopia/fsogsm Version: milestone5.5
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I understand there're several issues present in this: one issue is
(possibly) lack of debugging (probably we should all just switch to
running fsogsmd under strace all the time), another is (known) lack of
timeout handling and other means of recovery from unexpected
situations. Let's have this ticket to summarise considerations
here. Or feel free to close it, and i'll open several more specific ones.

2010-07-13T15:55:23.708213Z [INFO]  libfsotransport <0710:3>: SRC: "%CNIV=0" -> [ "OK" ]
2010-07-13T15:55:23.711950Z [DEBUG] FsoGsmGenericWatchDog <P:|KR:true>: onModemStatusChange FSO_GSM_MODEM_STATUS_SUSPENDING -> FSO_GSM_MODEM_STATUS_SUSPENDED
2010-07-13T15:55:23.719189Z [INFO]  TiCalypsoModem <4C>: Modem Status changed to FSO_GSM_MODEM_STATUS_SUSPENDED
2010-07-13T15:55:23.720021Z [INFO]  DBusServiceDevice <>: Modem suspended successfully
2010-07-13T16:09:56.269038Z [DEBUG] DBusServiceResource <GSM>: Resuming resource DBusServiceResource...
2010-07-13T16:09:56.274515Z [DEBUG] DBusServiceResource <GSM>: Resuming GSM resource...
2010-07-13T16:09:56.308477Z [DEBUG] FsoGsmGenericWatchDog <P:|KR:true>: onModemStatusChange FSO_GSM_MODEM_STATUS_SUSPENDED -> FSO_GSM_MODEM_STATUS_RESUMING
2010-07-13T16:09:56.333221Z [INFO]  TiCalypsoModem <4C>: Modem Status changed to FSO_GSM_MODEM_STATUS_RESUMING
2010-07-13T16:09:56.344891Z [DEBUG] libfsotransport <0710:3>: Wrote '+CREG=2'. Waiting for answer...
2010-07-13T16:10:22.612688Z [DEBUG] DBusServiceResource <GSM>: Resuming resource DBusServiceResource...
2010-07-13T16:10:22.613875Z [DEBUG] DBusServiceResource <GSM>: Resuming GSM resource...
2010-07-13T16:10:51.521931Z [DEBUG] DBusServiceResource <GSM>: Disabling resource DBusServiceResource...
2010-07-13T16:10:51.522844Z [DEBUG] DBusServiceResource <GSM>: Disabling GSM resource...

(and then i killed it)

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To get more (very verbose) debugging one should compile libfsotransport with --enable-debug, other issues are covered by #582 and #593 now.

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