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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#326 zhone setup.py installs files to /usr instead of /usr/share assigned mickey defect major
#3 Add shortcut to upload screenshot to scap.linuxtogo.org closed jluebbe task minor milestone3
#7 Phonebook Widget closed mickey task major milestone2
#33 Configuration for Runtime Debug facility closed jluebbe task minor
#51 The GPS bar display doesn't work closed daniel defect major milestone3
#54 Transition to phone sometimes fails closed daniel defect major milestone2
#60 Deleting newly added contacts doesn't work. closed daniel defect minor milestone2
#61 SMS: recieving of sms does not work closed mickey defect major
#79 DTMF keypad in active call closed jluebbe enhancement major
#80 no power off button closed jluebbe enhancement minor
#84 PIN dialog does not appear after boot but on first dialer usage closed mickey defect major milestone3
#85 encode html-entities in SMS-body closed jluebbe task minor milestone4
#86 add hint when in homezone closed mickey enhancement trivial
#98 Zhone dialer entry after call connection closed jluebbe defect major
#99 Debian FSO - Dialer does not dial or answer. closed mickey defect major
#102 Entering PIN code displays it. closed mickey defect major milestone3
#104 SMS in national characters displays as HEX-string. closed daniel defect major milestone4
#105 SMS Reader doesn't wrap long words closed jluebbe defect trivial milestone5
#107 zhone: Sending SMS to International phone number starting with + does not work closed daniel defect major milestone4
#110 "string index out of range" in comparePhoneNumber closed anonymous defect major
#111 zhone: First suspend can be done just pressing power button closed jluebbe defect major
#119 Contacts app should give feedback if SIM card is not installed closed mickey defect minor
#120 gps: display time to first fix in zhone closed jluebbe enhancement minor milestone5
#124 Reread SMS list and switch to SMS view on incoming SMS closed mickey task major milestone3
#138 Zhone hangs when resumed from suspend by an incoming call closed mickey defect major
#139 [Patch] Zhone dialer button incorrectly grayed out closed mickey defect major
#141 Zhone should handle USSD correctly closed mickey enhancement major
#157 SMS statuses are not updated closed mickey defect major
#166 Resume doesn't work anymore on GTA02 since kernel 2.6.24+r7+gitrca19d156400f817960efe0d14680324b2ea34171-r7 closed mickey defect major milestone4
#173 ServiceUnknown errors in zhone.log closed mickey defect minor
#187 Zhone localization closed jluebbe enhancement major
#198 trying to reply to sms causes TypeError: list indices must be integers closed jluebbe defect minor
#222 *.yaml files do not show up in profile selection (zhone) closed mickey defect major
#234 Review screen unlocking on incoming call closed jluebbe task minor milestone5
#258 small voice call ui changing fixes to zhone closed jluebbe enhancement trivial
#268 None closed mickey task trivial
#307 enhance GPS data display closed mickey enhancement minor
#324 Zhone still displays the old name and number when no number is sent closed jluebbe defect minor milestone5
#328 zhone segfaults closed mickey defect critical
#331 Zhone should re-read messages after a message is sent closed jluebbe defect minor
#355 Zhone only checks for the 'provider' key in the NetworkStatus message closed mickey defect major milestone5.5
#366 missing python-pygtk closed mickey defect major milestone5.5
#493 GPS satellite display enhancement closed mickey enhancement minor
#494 show DGPS status closed mickey defect major
#495 show DGPS status closed mickey enhancement major
#497 beautify GPS channel status display closed mickey enhancement trivial
#543 Being unable to answer calls with zhone2 is too damn sad closed mickey defect minor
#115 Zhone Disable Screen Saver new mickey enhancement major
#171 Writing in internationl language in zhone new mickey enhancement major
#378 support to manually release/request resource gsm in zhone new mickey enhancement trivial
#484 add suport to opimd contacts in Zhone new mickey enhancement trivial
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