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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#489 wake up on accel threshold new mickey enhancement minor cornucopia-0.13
#558 getting PDP configuration via special SMS does not work new mickey defect major cornucopia-0.13
#651 Aurora Palmpre2 : loop suspending while usb pluged new morphis defect critical
#470 Race condition in fso-gpsd new daniel defect major
#472 wakeup after sms: no sms and state changes again new mickey defect major
#479 opimd should resolve contacts on it's own new mickey enhancement major
#480 add method to get/set charge voltage new mickey enhancement minor
#484 add suport to opimd contacts in Zhone new mickey enhancement trivial
#486 [patch] SOS only mode not enabled without SIM new mickey defect major
#496 Frameworkd doesn't know what my timezone is, defaults to GMT+4 new daniel defect critical
#499 Time gap between bluetooth resource request and bluez fully running new mickey defect major
#500 opimd crashes frameworkd when handling scandinavian characters new mickey defect minor
#506 Openmoko resume from suspend. Incoming SMS fails to be received. new mickey defect major
#509 Audio management plugin for fsodeviced new mickey task major
#510 Bluetooth support new morphis task major
#512 Integrate Pre specific buttons/leds into fsodeviced new mickey task major
#513 How webOS and FSO fit best together on the Pre? new morphis task major
#515 Gather information on Palm Pre CDMA modem assigned morphis task minor
#523 frameworkd sets clock to UTC and bungles timezone new jluebbe defect major
#527 SaveScenario does not behave properly new mickey defect critical
#553 Add ability to call methods without doing introspection new mickey defect major
#564 Import contacts from SIM card new mickey defect major
#566 Incoming SMS message is lost and no diagnostic message is output anywhere new mickey defect major
#571 bad battery causes fsogsmd hanging new mickey defect major
#581 start bluetoothd when Bluetooth resource is requested new mickey defect major
#582 After a timeout fsogsmd closes the modem, nothing works new mickey defect major
#583 fsogsmd is loosing registration and then hangs and dies on GSM.Network.Register new mickey defect major
#584 GSM power on: too many open files new mickey defect minor
#585 Wrong power sysfs node for UsbHost on openmoko new mickey defect major
#589 Concatenated SMS aren't correctly parsed new mickey defect major
#590 pyphonelog deb package not installable in Debian 6 squeeze (GTA02, freerunner) new mickey defect major
#593 Consistent handling of fatal low-level modem-related errors new mickey defect major
#594 fsousaged sometimes stuck in SUSPEND or RESUMING state new mickey defect major
#595 alsa switchnumbers changed with in_testing mrmoku defect major
#597 Can't receive SMS new mickey defect major
#601 Things to Consider When Trading Penny Stocks new mickey defect major
#603 Things to Consider When Trading Penny Stocks new mickey defect major
#605 fogsmd: htcleo: register network takes too long new mickey defect major
#617 Implement volume persistence across device reboot new morphis task major
#648 vala-dbus-binding-tool aborts while generating vala gdbus files for telepathy-spec new ptitjes defect major
#659 mdbus2 cant't parse hashtable arguments accepted morphis defect major
#679 crespo: SetFunctionality full true "" makes fsogsmd restart with Wind Italy carrier (222 88) new mickey defect major
#680 opimd-dates request about Begin and End are rejected : No DEFAULT_FIELDS defined for DateDomain new mickey defect major
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