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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#566 Incoming SMS message is lost and no diagnostic message is output anywhere new mickey defect major
#582 After a timeout fsogsmd closes the modem, nothing works new mickey defect major
#593 Consistent handling of fatal low-level modem-related errors new mickey defect major
#594 fsousaged sometimes stuck in SUSPEND or RESUMING state new mickey defect major
#600 fsogsmd: bug in the AT parser exposed by CMGS timeout too small accepted morphis defect major cornucopia-0.13
#721 calypso: when SIM is full and the modem wants to store an incoming message, no user-visible indication emitted new mickey defect major
#725 fsogsmd hogging CPU but continues to function normally new mickey defect major
#713 FsoGsmCallReleaseAll does not work on gta04 new mickey defect minor
#714 mdbus2 crash new mickey defect minor
#715 Updating an already read message with MessageRead decrements UnreadMessages counter new mickey defect minor
#720 fsogsmd crashes on assertion if trying to disable it at the wrong time new mickey defect minor cornucopia-0.12
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