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#46 add DebugInjectResponse to allow injecting fake responses to a command assigned mickey enhancement framework/ogsmd
#480 add method to get/set charge voltage new mickey enhancement framework/general
#237 Add Simple Audio Recording Support new mickey task framework/odeviced
#438 backlight settings in preferences / profile new charlie enhancement milestone5.5 framework/opreferencesd
#453 Bluetooth headset parameters only read in during startup new charlie defect framework/opreferencesd
#313 Brightness Configuration new mickey enhancement framework/odeviced
#732 Consider "human-ear" percentage over linear percentage for alsa controls new mickey enhancement cornucopia/fsodevice
#401 consider adding support for more compact ogsmd logging new mickey enhancement framework/ogsmd
#364 defunct process new jluebbe task framework/oeventsd
#206 Dim screen should eat taps new stefan defect illume/general
#203 External number lookup new mickey enhancement framework/opimd
#713 FsoGsmCallReleaseAll does not work on gta04 new mickey defect cornucopia/fsogsm
#720 fsogsmd crashes on assertion if trying to disable it at the wrong time new mickey defect cornucopia-0.12 cornucopia/fsogsm
#515 Gather information on Palm Pre CDMA modem assigned morphis task palmpre/modem
#584 GSM power on: too many open files new mickey defect cornucopia/fsogsm
#238 Handle different IdleNotification Timeouts (BAT vs. AC) new mickey task framework/odeviced
#4 Implement AUX LED Spec in_testing dos task milestone5.5 packaging/distribution
#50 Improve NMEA parser new daniel defect cornucopia/fsotdld
#130 Improve ogpsd logging and debugging output accepted daniel enhancement framework/ogpsd
#385 late "+CGEV: ME DEACT" can wake up phone immediately after suspend new mickey defect framework/ogsmd
#714 mdbus2 crash new mickey defect cornucopia/mdbus2
#699 Missing a way for user configuration of time setting, fsotdld new mickey enhancement cornucopia-0.13 cornucopia/fsotdld
#229 OpenEZX: A780 GPS support for ogpsd new daniel enhancement framework/ogpsd
#500 opimd crashes frameworkd when handling scandinavian characters new mickey defect framework/opimd
#498 option to keep WLAN on while suspended new mickey enhancement cornucopia/fsodevice
#698 Optionally read interfaces from org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable interface new ptitjes enhancement vala-dbus-binding-tool
#191 org.freesmartphone.Device.Display should have signals new mickey enhancement framework/odeviced
#459 screen lock not allowing AVRCP keypresses to go through new mickey enhancement framework/general
#230 Sirf III support in ogpsd new daniel enhancement framework/ogpsd
#81 Specify and implement high level USSD functions new mickey defect framework/ogsmd
#309 Storing of last known GPS position new daniel enhancement framework/olocationd
#715 Updating an already read message with MessageRead decrements UnreadMessages counter new mickey defect framework/opimd
#298 Use a rules.d directory for seperate rules files in oeventsd new jluebbe enhancement framework/oeventsd
#231 Use SIM country code for locale default setting accepted jluebbe enhancement framework/olocationd
#489 wake up on accel threshold new mickey enhancement cornucopia-0.13 framework/general
#360 [oeventsd] Trigger for ResourceStateChanged new jluebbe enhancement framework/oeventsd
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