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#5 Add MIXER control API (incremental changes) reopened mickey task framework/odeviced
#27 Add (lowlevel) unit tests new mickey task framework/general
#28 Add (highlevel) dbus unit tests new mickey task framework/general
#29 Add (highlevel) documentation new mickey task documentation
#88 Enable modem tethering via bluetooth PAN and/or DUN and/or USB new stefan enhancement cornucopia-0.13 framework/onetworkd
#113 Enable seperate profiles for screen dimming, locking, suspend, depending on power source. new mickey enhancement framework/general
#115 Zhone Disable Screen Saver new mickey enhancement zhone/general
#162 Configuration of UBX devices is broken new daniel enhancement framework/ogpsd
#171 Writing in internationl language in zhone new mickey enhancement zhone/general
#300 Emergency shutdown on battery low or temperature high new jluebbe enhancement framework/ousaged
#322 HUP on socket, trying to recover assigned mickey defect milestone5.5 framework/ogsmd
#326 zhone installs files to /usr instead of /usr/share assigned mickey defect zhone/general
#396 Interface to force fast charge new mickey enhancement cornucopia-0.13 framework/odeviced
#402 Headset and Speaker handling while in a Call new jluebbe defect framework/oeventsd
#406 care about modem RTC assigned mickey defect cornucopia/fsogsm
#415 "Network out of order" message is misleading if no balance is left on SIM new mickey defect framework/ogsmd
#419 Add support for proxies in place of ObjectPaths in XML specs new ptitjes enhancement vala-dbus-binding-tool
#431 ogpsd mangles timestamp, doesn't allow sub-second sample frequencies new daniel defect framework/ogpsd
#437 SMS timestamp format new mickey enhancement framework/ogsmd
#441 Expansion of Preferences Schema to include logical limits new charlie defect framework/opreferencesd
#442 Frameworkd silently fails. On the phone everything looks normal, suspend/resume working new mickey defect framework/general
#447 Automatically detecting if the Bluetooth has been shut off or is out of range new mickey enhancement framework/general
#448 frameworkd.conf needs more comments new mickey enhancement documentation
#449 autosuspend: check for resources new mickey enhancement framework/general
#451 Ring volume does not affecting ring volume new jluebbe defect framework/oeventsd
#452 ophoned: handle absent bluetooth gracefully new charlie defect framework/ophoned
#456 need some way to execute scripts upon suspend/resume new mickey enhancement cornucopia-0.13 cornucopia/fsousage
#457 backlight off when resuming in_testing mickey defect framework/general
#458 blue led geos off when detaching usb new mickey defect framework/general
#460 BTHeadsetIsConnected() always true new mickey defect framework/general
#461 create commandline tool list-allocated-resources (analog lsof) new mickey enhancement framework/general
#463 Improving fsousaged restartability new mickey enhancement cornucopia-0.13 cornucopia/fsodevice
#470 Race condition in fso-gpsd new daniel defect cornucopia/fsotdld
#472 wakeup after sms: no sms and state changes again new mickey defect framework/general
#479 opimd should resolve contacts on it's own new mickey enhancement framework/opimd
#486 [patch] SOS only mode not enabled without SIM new mickey defect framework/ogsmd
#491 after gprs connection is stopped nameservers are set to assigned mickey defect cornucopia-0.13 cornucopia/fsonetwork
#499 Time gap between bluetooth resource request and bluez fully running new mickey defect cornucopia/fsodevice
#506 Openmoko resume from suspend. Incoming SMS fails to be received. new mickey defect framework/ogsmd
#509 Audio management plugin for fsodeviced new mickey task palmpre/fso
#510 Bluetooth support new morphis task palmpre/rootfs
#512 Integrate Pre specific buttons/leds into fsodeviced new mickey task palmpre/fso
#513 How webOS and FSO fit best together on the Pre? new morphis task palmpre/rootfs
#523 frameworkd sets clock to UTC and bungles timezone new jluebbe defect framework/otimed
#553 Add ability to call methods without doing introspection new mickey defect cornucopia/mdbus2
#558 getting PDP configuration via special SMS does not work new mickey defect cornucopia-0.13 cornucopia/fsogsm
#564 Import contacts from SIM card new mickey defect framework/general
#566 Incoming SMS message is lost and no diagnostic message is output anywhere new mickey defect cornucopia/fsogsm
#571 bad battery causes fsogsmd hanging new mickey defect cornucopia/fsogsm
#576 Possible race condition using SaveScenario new mickey defect cornucopia/fsodevice
#581 start bluetoothd when Bluetooth resource is requested new mickey defect cornucopia/fsodevice
#582 After a timeout fsogsmd closes the modem, nothing works new mickey defect cornucopia/fsogsm
#583 fsogsmd is loosing registration and then hangs and dies on GSM.Network.Register new mickey defect cornucopia/fsogsm
#585 Wrong power sysfs node for UsbHost on openmoko new mickey defect cornucopia/fsodevice
#589 Concatenated SMS aren't correctly parsed new mickey defect cornucopia/fsogsm
#590 pyphonelog deb package not installable in Debian 6 squeeze (GTA02, freerunner) new mickey defect packaging/distribution
#593 Consistent handling of fatal low-level modem-related errors new mickey defect cornucopia/fsogsm
#594 fsousaged sometimes stuck in SUSPEND or RESUMING state new mickey defect cornucopia/fsousage
#595 alsa switchnumbers changed with in_testing mrmoku defect cornucopia/fsodevice
#597 Can't receive SMS new mickey defect cornucopia/fsogsm
#600 fsogsmd: bug in the AT parser exposed by CMGS timeout too small accepted morphis defect cornucopia-0.13 cornucopia/fsogsm
#601 Things to Consider When Trading Penny Stocks new mickey defect framework/general
#603 Things to Consider When Trading Penny Stocks new mickey defect framework/general
#605 fogsmd: htcleo: register network takes too long new mickey defect cornucopia/fsogsm
#617 Implement volume persistence across device reboot new morphis task cornucopia/fsoaudio
#625 Aurora Phone App: Add Incoming/Outgoing Call dialogs new morphis task aurora
#626 Aurora Phone App: Add In-Call screen new morphis task aurora
#627 Aurora Lock Screen: implement action to unlock the phone after it was locked new morphis task aurora
#628 Aurora: Make lock screen visible when device is in idle mode new morphis task aurora
#631 Implement splash screen for device startup new morphis task aurora/distribution
#637 Suspend does not work reliable for Palm pre new morphis defect aurora/distribution
#638 hicolor-icon-theme didn't get configured new morphis defect aurora/distribution
#639 Create packaged version of fso-installer for release new morphis task aurora/distribution
#640 Build process documentation new morphis task aurora/distribution
#641 bootr does not boot the OS somtimes new morphis defect aurora/distribution
#642 Display activation handling when charger is plugged in new morphis enhancement aurora
#643 Device should vibrate when charger is plugged in new morphis enhancement aurora/distribution
#646 on first run aurora stalls on gta02 new morphis defect aurora
#648 vala-dbus-binding-tool aborts while generating vala gdbus files for telepathy-spec new ptitjes defect vala-dbus-binding-tool
#650 Palmpre2 Aurora :touchscreen goes off after some time new morphis defect utilities/palmpre/tsmd
#652 Aurora Palmpre2 : no ringtone on incomming call new morphis enhancement aurora
#653 Palmpre2 Aurora : touchscreen not very responsive new morphis defect aurora
#655 aurora gta02 stops on debugger stop new morphis defect aurora/distribution
#659 mdbus2 cant't parse hashtable arguments accepted morphis defect cornucopia/mdbus2
#663 fsogsmd fails after plane landing new mickey defect cornucopia-0.13 cornucopia/fsogsm
#665 modem_samsung: no sound during calls accepted morphis defect cornucopia-0.13 cornucopia/fsogsm
#679 crespo: SetFunctionality full true "" makes fsogsmd restart with Wind Italy carrier (222 88) new mickey defect cornucopia/fsogsm
#680 opimd-dates request about Begin and End are rejected : No DEFAULT_FIELDS defined for DateDomain new mickey defect framework/opimd
#683 fsodeviced shouldn't fail when loading alsa scenarios reopened morphis defect cornucopia-0.12 cornucopia/fsodevice
#691 Rework AbstractAtCommand - Modem relation new morphis task cornucopia-0.13 cornucopia/general
#692 Rework status handling for fsogsmd new morphis defect cornucopia-0.13 cornucopia/fsogsm
#695 Discuss benefit of the homezone API new mickey task cornucopia-0.13 cornucopia/fsogsm
#696 Implement Voicemail API new mickey task cornucopia-0.13 cornucopia/fsogsm
#701 Support more than one PDP context new morphis task cornucopia-0.13 cornucopia/fsogsm
#702 git label version numer does not match version in debian/changelog assigned morphis defect vala-dbus-binding-tool
#705 unmet dependency 12.04LTS libglib2 (>= 2.18.0) new morphis defect vala-dbus-binding-tool
#706 DATA broken on GTA04 new mickey defect cornucopia-0.12 cornucopia/general
#707 mdbus is unable to parse 'u' parameters new mickey defect cornucopia/mdbus2
#712 screen blanks very often despite DPMS/screensave turned off new mickey defect cornucopia-0.12 cornucopia/general
#721 calypso: when SIM is full and the modem wants to store an incoming message, no user-visible indication emitted new mickey defect cornucopia/fsogsm
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