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#30 [TI CALYPSO] Set sidetone to minimum value (-26) mickey task trivial framework/ogsmd
#54 Transition to phone sometimes fails daniel defect major zhone/general
#19 Specify and implement support for Call Forwarding mickey task minor framework/ogsmd
#40 Specify and implement O2/Genion Home Zone support mickey task minor framework/ogsmd
#36 Specify and implement Call Join API (detaching the subscriber) mickey defect minor framework/ogsmd
#35 Specify and implement Call Deflection API mickey task minor framework/ogsmd
#41 Specify and implement API for (restricted) SIM access mickey task minor framework/ogsmd
#67 SMS without phonenumber mickey defect major framework/ogsmd
#68 PIN Dialog shows forever because of slow SIM daniel defect major framework/ogsmd
#7 Phonebook Widget mickey task major zhone/general
#62 ogsmd problems - zphone fails to start dialer on prepaid (and show contacts/sms) daniel defect major framework/ogsmd 2.0
#37 Missing NFS Client Support mickey enhancement minor packaging/distribution
#25 GetSubscriberNumbers method fails mickey defect major framework/ogsmd
#34 FSO Milestone 1 missing /dev/mmcblk0p1 mickey enhancement major packaging/distribution
#14 Detect remote hold, put into call status properties mickey task minor framework/ogsmd
#15 Detect local hold and adjust state machine mickey task major framework/ogsmd
#60 Deleting newly added contacts doesn't work. daniel defect minor zhone/general
#53 Commas in Names confuse ogsmd daniel defect critical framework/ogsmd
#6 Add olocationd subsystem with GPS object daniel task major framework/ogpsd
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